Inaugural lecture by Professor Joel Colón-Ríos

    Inaugural lecture by Professor Joel Colón-Ríos

    Victoria University of Wellington
    Te Herenga Waka

    Sovereign Encounters

    Nowadays, the concept of sovereignty is at best seen as outdated and, at worst, as a key component of the political rhetoric of authoritarian regimes.

    In this inaugural lecture, Professor Joel Colón-Ríos will argue that the concept of sovereignty is nonetheless crucial to understanding one of the main questions of constitutional theory: how can constitutions serve as instruments of popular self-rule, allowing a community to govern itself anyway it wants and, at the same time, function as mechanisms for the limitation of political power? Through the lecture, Professor Colón-Ríos will reflect on the different ‘encounters’ with the concept of sovereignty through his academic work.

    Tuesday 7 September

    Lecture Theatre 1 (GBLT1), Government Buildings, Pipitea Campus, 55 Lambton Quay


    This is Professor Colón-Ríos’s inaugural lecture as Professor of Law at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington.

    Our public lecture series gives you the opportunity to engage with the latest thinking on the world’s major issues.


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