Victor M. Muñiz Fraticelli

Académico Correspondiente

Académico Correspondiente


  • PhD, Political Science, The University of Chicago (2008)
    Dissertation: “The Structure of Pluralism”
    Committee: Jacob T. Levy (chair), Charles Larmore, Martha Nussbaum
  • Master of Arts, Political Science, The University of Chicago (2003)
    M.A. paper: “Justice as fairness between generations”
    Readers: Iris M. Young, Charles Larmore
  • Juris Doctor cum laude, School of Law, University of Puerto Rico (1999)
  • Bachelor of Arts, Government and Philosophy, Cornell University (1996)

Academic Positions

  • Associate Professor
    Dept. of Political Science and Faculty of Law, McGill University (2014 – Present)
  • Assistant Professor
    Dept. of Political Science and Faculty of Law, McGill University (2007 – 2014)
  • Visiting Professor
    School of Law, University of Puerto Rico (Occasional)
  • Lecturer in Classics of Social and Political Thought
    Social Sciences Collegiate Division, The University of Chicago (2006)



  • The Structure of Pluralism : on the authority of associations (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014).
    Reviewed: A. Eisenberg, “Book Reviews” (2016) 44:5 Political Theory 719
    D. Newman, “Book Notes” (2015) 20:2 Review of Constitutional Studies 283Discussed: R. Sandberg, “The Failure of Legal Pluralism” (2016) 18:2 Ecclesiastical LJ 137
    J. L. Cohen, “Sovereignty, the Corporate Religious, and Jurisdictional/Political Pluralism” (19 Feb. 2016).
    Available at SSRN:
  • La Investigación Jurídica, 5th ed. [with L. Muñiz-Argüelles, M. Fraticelli-Torres] (Bogotá: Editorial Temis, 2012).

Book chapters: 

  • “The distinctiveness of religious liberty” in R. Provost, ed, Mapping the Legal Boundaries of Belonging: Religion and Multiculturalism from Israel to Canada (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014) 99.
  • “An ephemeral monstrosity? Administrative despotism in the risk society” in Karim Benyekhlef, ed, Gouvernance et risque : Les défis de la régulation dans un monde global (Montréal: Éditions Thémis, 2013) 103.
  • “The problem of a perpetual constitution,” in A. Gosseries and L. Meyer, eds, Intergenerational Justice (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009) 377.

Articles (peer-reviewed):

  • “The social ontology of religious freedom” (2017) 79 SCLR (2d) 115.
    Reprinted in I. T. Benson and B. W. Bussey, eds. Religion, Liberty and the Jurisdictional Limits of Law (Toronto: Lexis-Nexis, 2017) 115.
  • Mouvement laïque québécois v. Saguenay: neutrality and narrative” (2016) 76 SCLR (2d) 219.
  • “The (Im)possibility of Christian Education” (2016) 75 SCLR (2d) 209.
    in Dwight Newman, ed, Religious Freedom and Communities (Toronto: Lexis-Nexis, 2016) 209.
  • “Religious Institutionalism in a Canadian Context” [with L. David]. (2015) 52 Osgoode Hall LJ 1049.
    Cited in Supreme Court of Canada, Loyola High School v. Quebec (Attorney General), 2015 SCC 12, 60
  • “The Principle of Subsidiarity as a Constitutional Principle in the EU and Canada” [with A. Føllesdal] (2015) 10:2 Les ateliers de l’éthique / The Ethics Forum 89.
  • “The problem of pluralist authority” (2014) 62:3 Political Studies 556.
  • “What Justice Entails” (2012) 7:2 Les ateliers de l’éthique / The Ethics Forum 18. 3

Articles (US law reviews):

  • “Strategic Shortcomings of the Dodd-Frank Act” (2013) 58(4) The Antitrust Bulletin 617 [with L. R. Smith]
  • “El Triste Drama Humano: La Teoría del Derecho de Antonio S. Negrón García,” (2001) 35(2) Interamerican University of Puerto Rico Law Review 227.

Encyclopedia entries and book reviews:

  • “Jean Bodin” in Encyclopedia of Political Theory edited by Marc Bevir (Los Angeles: Sage, 2010).
  • Review of Henry S. Richardson, Democratic Autonomy: Public Reasoning about the Ends of Policy, in Ethics 118(4): 746-751 (2008)
  • Review of Axel Gosseries, Penser la justice entre les générations: de l’affaire Perruche à la réforme de retraites, in Ethics 115(2): 412-15 (2005)
  • Review of Harold J. Berman, Law and Revolution II: the Impact of the Protestant Reformations on the Western Legal Tradition, in Foundations of Political Theory Book Reviews <http://www.political-> (2004)

Works under contract:

  • “Global legal pluralism and ideal theory” in Paul S. Berman, ed, Oxford Handbook on Global Legal Pluralism (Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming)
  • “Pluralism” in N. Doe, B. Kane, C. Roberts, and R. Sandberg, eds, The Research Handbook on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Law and Religion (Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Press, forthcoming)
  • “Exit, Voice, and Loyalty” in J. Levy, ed, The Oxford Handbook of Classics in Contemporary Political Theory (Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming)