Jacqueline N. Font-Guzmán

Académica Correspondiente

Académica Correspondiente


  • 2011 – Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, GPA: 3.95/4.00
    Nova Southeastern University – Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
  • 1995 – J.D., summa cum laude
    Interamericana University Law School, San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • 1986 – M.H.A.
    Saint Louis University, Saint Louis, Missouri, USA
  • 1984 – B.A. in Political Science
    Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA



  • Mayer, & Font-Guzmán, J.N. The Neutrality Trap: From Constructive Engagement to Strategic Disruption in Social Conflict. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (Under Contract. Submission July2021).
  • Font-Guzmán, J.N. (2015). Experiencing Puerto Rican Citizenship and Cultural Nationalism. New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan. (Award winning book).


Edited Books & Volumes:

  • Moss-Breen, J., Font-Guzmán, J.N. & Abduljawad, H. (Eds.) (2019). Running with Scissors: Leading inour Uncertain World. Charlotte: NC: Information Age Publishing
  • Strand, P., Font-Guzmán, J. N. & Mayer, B. (Eds.) (2019). Special Issue of the Creighton Journal of Interdisciplinary Leadership on Gillian Hadfield’s Rules for a Flat World, vol. 5, no. 1.https://ojs.creighton.edu/index.php/CJIL/index


Refereed Journals

  • Font-Guzmán, J. N. (2019). “For Whom the Bell Tolls” in the Legal System: Access to Justice and Conflict Creighton Journal of Interdisciplinary Leadership, 5(1), 20-24.https://ojs.creighton.edu/index.php/CJIL/article/view/78/46
  • Font-Guzmán, N. (2014). Moving ‘Beyond Neutrality’ and Cross-cultural Training: Using World CaféDialogue to Address End-of-Life Care Inequalities. Peace and Conflict Studies, Spring, 21(1), 49-68. [Excerpt reprinted. In J. Nolan-Haley, E. E. Deason & M. Hernández- Crespo Gonstead (Eds.) (2019). Global Issues in Mediation, St. Paul, MN: West Academic Publishing.
  • Font-Guzmán, N. (2013). Confronting a Colonial Legacy: Asserting Identity by Legally Renouncing U.S. Citizenship. Centro Journal, Spring, 25(1), 22-45.


Law Journals

  • Font-Guzmán, N. (2017). Personal Reflection on 50 Years of Loving: Creating Spaces of Differences by Demanding “The Right to Opacity.” Creighton Law Review, 50(3), 637-640.
  • Font-Guzmán, J. N. (2017). Closing the Gap: Using Dispute Systems Design to Integrate Advance CarePlanning in a Latino University of St. Thomas Law Journal, Fall, 13(2), 92-217. Invited.
  • Font-Guzmán, N. & Alemán, Y. (2010). Human Rights Violations in Puerto Rico: Agency From the Margins. Journal of Law & Social Challenges, 12, 107-149.
  • Font-Guzmán, N. (2001). La Mediación en Disputas de Impericia Médica: La Solución a la Armonización de los Intereses de las Partes (Mediation in Medical Malpractice Disputes) Puerto Rico Bar Association Law Review, 62, (3-4).


Book Chapters

  • Font-Guzmán, J. N. (Commissioned 2021). La Ciudadanía Puertorriqueña: Ejercicio Performativo de Afirmación Nacional y Resistencia (Puerto Rican Citizenship: Performativity of National Affirmation andResistance). In J. Colón-Morera & C.R. Venator (Eds.), Contemporary Debates on US Citizenship. Invited.
  • Font-Guzmán, N. (Forthcoming 2020). How a Puerto Rican Woman Ended Up in a Field Dominated by Anglo Men. In N. Welsh & H. Gadlin (Eds.), Evolution of a Field: Personal Histories in Conflict Resolution. Saint Paul, MN: DRI Press. Invited.
  • Font-Guzmán, J. N. (2019). Más allá de la mediación bioética: Conflctología y visiones de mundoencontradas al final de la (Beyond bioethics mediation: Clash of worldviews in end-of-life decisions). In S. Fábregas & F. León (Eds.), La Comunicación y Bioética en Voces de las Tres Américas. Chile: Bioethics Federation of Latin American and Caribbean Institutions. Invited.
  • Font-Guzmán, J. N. (2017). Conferencia de Grupo Familiar de la Tribu Maorí en Nueva Zelandia y su Adaptación a Modelos Anglosajones de Resolución de Conflictos (Family Group Conferencing of theMᾱori Tribe in New Zealand and its Adaptation to the USA). In H.E. Soto Muñoz, E. Carretero Morales, & C. Ruiz López (Eds.), Mediación y Resolución de Conflictos: Técnicas y Ámbitos. Madrid (pp. 337-349). Spain: Editorial Tecnos. Invited.
  • Font-Guzmán, N. (2015). Programa de Derivación Judicial en Puerto Rico desde la Perspectiva de la Mediación (Court-Annexed Program in Puerto Rico: A Mediation Perspective). In H.D. Bernardina de Pinho & J.L. de Andrade (Eds.), Contemporary Tendencies in Mediation (pp. 107-133). Madrid, Spain: Editorial Dykinson. Invited.
  • Font-Guzmán, N. (2011). Programas de Derivación Judicial en Estados Unidos y Puerto Rico (Court-annexed Alternative Dispute Resolution Programs in the United States and Puerto Rico). In H. E. Soleto Muñoz, E. Carretero Morales, & C. Ruiz López (Eds.), Mediación y Resolución de Conflictos: Técnicas y Ámbitos. Madrid (pp. 306-336). Spain: Editorial Tecnos (Winner of the 2012 Madrid Mediators Association (AMMI) award for best publication in mediation—in its 3rd edition). Invited.


Non-Refereed Journals

  • Font-Guzmán, N. (2014). Using Ignatian Pedagogy in a Mediation Course, Jesuit Higher Education: A Journal, 3(1), 48-63.
  • Gerardi, & Font-Guzmán, J. N. (Fall 2006). Conflict at End of Life: A Growing Need for Dispute Resolution Practices, Creighton Lawyer.
  • Font-Guzmán, N. (2010). Programas de Derivación Judicial en Estados Unidos y Puerto Rico (Court-annexed Alternative Dispute Resolution Programs in the United States and Puerto Rico). Published in the electronic data base of the Supreme Court Judicial Council for Continuous Education for Judges in Spain (Consejo General del Poder Judicial Servicio de Formación Continua).


Trade Journals and Newspapers:

  • Font-Guzmán, J.N. (2020, June 12). Here are ways that the academic community can promote racial The Omaha World Herald. https://omaha.com/opinion/midlands- voices-here-are-ways-that-the-academic-community-can-promote-racial- equality/article_6ac4313d-f416-5e64-87d7-2f246c090bfc.html
  • Font-Guzmán, N. (2020, January 28). How Much Will a Scandal Over Aid Harm Puerto Rico? Commentary featured in the Latin America Advisor Newsletter.
  • Font-Guzmán, J. N. (2019, July 31). Puerto Ricans don’t need more US government The Omaha World Herald.
  • Font-Guzmán, N. (2017, December 13). Puerto Ricans are hardly U.S. citizens. They are colonial subjects. The Washington Post. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/puerto-ricans-are-hardly-us-citizens-they-are- colonial-subjects/2017/12/13/c0f1c700-de9f-11e7-89e8- edec16379010_story.html?utm_term=.ea891f106ebe
  • Font-Guzmán, N. (2017, December 1). Don Juan, la ciudadanía puertorriqueña, y el huracán María. 80grados.
  • Font-Guzmán, N. (Spring 2017). What’s Next in the Conflict Profession? Reflections on Embracing Uncertainty and Servicing Others. Reprinted in The Nebraska Lawyer, 20(1). Invited.
  • Font-Guzmán, J. N. (2016, July 1). PROMESA ‘Intolerable’ o Asamblea Constitucional 80 grados


Published Conference Proceedings

  • Fábregas, S. M., D’Empaire, G., Agosto F., Lugo, M., Font-Guzmán, N., Dimare, C. Rodríguez, S. &Caballero, C. (2016). Un acercamiento al desarrollo del profesionalismo en el campo de la salud en América Latina a través de la enseñanza de una competencia ética: Logros y Desafíos. In Biodiversidad: Diálogo y Consenso Para la Acción…Una aproximación, pp. 92-101. Chile: Bioethics Federation of Latin American and Caribbean Institutions.



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